"A Summoning" (Short Film) | Noah Weisel | San Francisco State University 
Lead (Father)

"Alcatraz" (Short Film) | Lukas Zanoli | San Francisco State University 
Lead (James)

"Anniversary" (Short Film) | Philip Thompson | San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking
Lead (Treat)

"Ghost Dick" (Short Film) | Noah Weisel | North Coast Production
Lead (Josh Ellison)

"Pinehaven Drive" (Short Film) | Daniella Flores | SAE Expression College
Lead (Mr. Morton)

"The Demo" (Short Film) | May Yam | May Yam Studios
Lead (Dick)

"Who The Devil Is" (Short Film) | Dania Denise | Think Post Productions
Lead (Austin)

"Big Mike" (Short Film) | Johnathan P. Ritter | Movie Making Throughout the Bay
Principal (Nathan)

"Change of Heart" (Short Film) | Beck Renne | Pictoclick
Principal (Tim)

"Deal With the Devil" (Short Film) | Conor Rabinovitz
Principal (Father Phillip)

"Fever Dream" (Short Film) | John Torreano | Seraphilm
Principal (The Spy)

"Mirror" (Short Film) | LeAndre Thomas | From the Projection Booth Films, LLC
Principal (Mr. Holm)

"Nowhere To Hide" (Feature Film) | Aditya Narayanan | Akkarai Productions
Principal (John)

"Restless" (Short Film) | Malik Schumake | Quality Over Quantity Films
Principal (Father McCoy)

"Signature” (Short Film) | Alvaro Pelegrin | University of California, Berkeley
Principal (Mister)

"The Dean of DVC" (Short Film) | Sam Lund | Diablo Valley College
Principal (The Dean)

"The Fury" (Short Film) | Mauricio Ageno | SAE Expression College
Principal (Dr. Stanger)

"The Last Answer" (Short Film) | Christopher Yu | De Anza College
Principal (Murray)

"Yesterday" (Short Film) | Alicia Kester | Light Show Pictures
Principal (Roger)

"Zero Proof" (Short Film) | Freddie Whitman | University of California, Berkeley
Principal (Mister)

"2 by 2" (Short Film) | Ruby Drake | San Francisco Art & Film Workshop
Supporting (The Super)

"By No Means" (Feature Film) | Julia Korolko | Google-Accenture-JAK
Supporting (Stan)

"Do Us Part" (Short Film) | Richard Valencia | San Francisco State University 
Supporting (Dr. Altman)

"Expiration Date" (Short Film) | Oran Khanyalucksakun | Academy of Art University
Supporting (Derek)

"Face Value" (Short Film) | Regina Pigsley | University of California, Berkeley
Supporting (Mr. Jackson)

"Grand Canyon" (Feature Film) | Joel Braunstein | Enigma Films
Supporting (Bruce)

"Generic Office Role-play" (Short Film) | Jack Rogers | No Name Productions
Supporting (Crazy Guy)

"Jennfer" (Short Film) | Levi Wilder | San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking
Supporting (Insurance Inspector)

"Soul Eclipse" (Feature Film) | Liubov Madenford | Vision Via Zoom
Supporting (Fabrice)

"Strip Tease" (Short Film) | Moira Laband | University of California, Berkeley
Supporting (Daniel)

"Three Roads" (Feature Film) | Kip Calendine | AmandaSarahFilm
Supporting (Dave)

"Steve Jobs" (Feature Film) | Danny Boyle | Universal Pictures
Extra (Field Reporter)


"Resurgence" (Video game) | Christopher Mcglade | Lightning Man Media
Lead (Jason)

"The Six Disappearances of Ella McCray, Season 1-2" (Audio play for Podcast) | Jamie Killen | ZoomDoom Stories |
Principal (Dalton)

"Canopy" (Short Film) | Rajesh Naroth 
Supporting (Man)


“Where Do You Want To Eat" | Dave Kagno & Rich Mueller | Small Wonder Films 
Lead (Michael)

"Forced To Improvise" | Rochelle Germano
Principal (Tony)

"Bartlett" | Crissy Mazzeo, Rivkah Beth Medow, Evan Shapiro, & Anthony Veneziale
Supporting (Swinging Dick #4)

"Below The Line" | Rory Garcia
Supporting (Male Actor)

"The Smiths" | Alan Masa
Supporting (Brandon)


"Sense & Sensibility" | Kate Hamill & Jane Austen (writers), Susan Evans (director) 
     Town Hall Theatre Co., Lafayette, CA
Principal (Colonel Brandon)

"Great Expectations" | Gale Childs Daly & Charles Dickens (writers), Dennis Markam (director) 
     Town Hall Theatre Co., Lafayette, CA
Principal (Herbert Pocket, Mr. Wopsle, others)

"The Inn At Derbyshire" | Christopher Magee (writer, director)
     Moonrise Players, The Phoenix Theater, San Francisco, CA
Principal (Brut Rory)

"Cat Poop Makes You Do Weird Sh*t"; Short play festival SHORTLIVED-VIII | Lauren Gorski (writer), Richard Ciccarone (director) 
     PianoFight, San Francisco, CA
Principal (Mr. C)

"Everything We Do Is Hard"; Short play festival SHORTLIVED-VIII | Rebecca Capper (writer & director) 
     PianoFight, San Francisco, CA
Principal (DR.)

"Silent City", A Staged Reading | Dan Wilson (writer), Pam Pjay Johson & Miyoko Sakatani (co-directors) 
     Deaf Community Center, San Leandro, CA
Principal (Brad Grube)

"Google Salesforce Video" (Internal Video) | Arin Aghazarian | Google
Lead (Matt)

"Koala Safe" (Brand Video) | Scott Lahn | Koala Safe
Lead (Dad)

"Nlyte" (Software Highlight Video) | John McConaghy | Advance Creative
Lead (Enterprise Executive)

"Seismic" (Brand Reveal Video) | Richard Reininger | Pictureshow
VO-Lead (Man)

"Chemistry" (Modeling for Bilboard Advertisement) | Winter Martin | Evolution Bureau
Principal (Hiker)



Seydways Acting Studios:

  • Professional Acting Lab (Bobby Weinapple)

Studio - American Conservatory Theater:

  • ACT III (Mark Rafael)

  • ACT II (Marvin Greene)

  • ACT I (Patrick Russell)

  • Voice-Building (Frances Devlin)

Berkeley Rep - School of Theater:

  • Advanced On-Camera Acting (Marty Pistone)

  • Advanced Voice-Over Acting (Sally Clawson)

  • On-Camera Acting (Michael Navarra, Rolf Saxon)

  • Physical Comedy (Joan Mankin)

  • Building Characters (Ron Campbell)

  • Active Analysis (Susan-Jane Harrison)

Bay Area Theater Sports (Improv):

  • Elements of Long Form; Shut Up and Dance; Advanced Wheres and Action; Performing Duo Improv; Private Instruction (Tim Orr)

  • Acting and Improv; Private Instruction (Rafe Chase)

  • Master Class Intensives (Stephen Kearin, Keith Johnstone)

  • Physical Comedy (Ben Johnson)

  • Performing Improvised Shakespeare (Lisa Rowland)

  • The Harold (Laura Derry)

  • Studio Scenework (Regina Saisi, Dave Dennison, Kasey Klemm, John Remak, Rebecca Stockley)


  • Clown Character Development Intensive (Christina Lewis - Clown School of SF)

  • Improv Master Class (David Razowsky - Leela Improv)

  • Improv Master Class (Dave Hill, Craig Cackowski, Dana Powell, Rich Talarico - Camp Improv Utopia)



  • Singing (Baritone), Basic Guitar


  • Soccer, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Ice Skating, Skiing, Cycling, Archery, Riflery, SCUBA diving, Juggling


  • Standard (RP) British, Scottish, American Southern, Russian, French, Australian


  • US Passport, CA Driver’s License